dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Naked Rats

We have some new additions in our army, which is a long story, but all turned out really good and we are REALLY happy with the four new additions. Five yez! So we own nine rats now. How it happened, I don't know ... but I love it!

And two of it are naked rats. Indeed, naked. They have no hair. And they're so ugly they're way to cute (especially the one with HUGE dumbo ears!).

Since we wanted to know some more things about those type of rats, we looked around the internet to realise that their was hardly any information. What we found was like copied from the other sites. So we decided to write down our experiences with these kind of awesome creatures.

Keep your eyes open! The photos will follow soon ^^

1 opmerking:

  1. My god! I love rats, and I would love to read more about naked rats :D What about some photos?

    I've always been facinated by naked creatures, i own two sphynxes for that reason. they're soo ugly and cool they become the cutest <3